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Reasons to Choose the Auction Method
of Real Estate Marketing!

p_re_01Robert L. Blackford can provide unmatched real estate sales and service to people wanting to sell their real property using the auction method of marketing. You can depend on us to sell your property with no contingencies, close your property sale in thirty days or less, and save you time and money when selling your property.

The auction method of marketing establishes the sales price through competitive bidding. As a professional in auction marketing of real estate, Robert L. Blackford Auction Group can sell your residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural property and equipment.

  1. REAL BUYERS – Multiple qualified bidders the day of auction
  2. EASY CLOSE – A property sale with NO contingencies.
  3. REAL SALE – Auctions bring together serious buyers and sellers
  4. MARKET VALUE – An Auction realizes the property’s true market value
  5. QUICK CLOSE – A 30-day close cycle is standard
  6. NO PRICE LIMIT – There is no upside limitation by a set price
  7. LOWER COSTS – Less time and money when selling a property
  8. FOCUS ON YOU – The market focus is on the seller’s property, not comparative properties
  9. ATTRACTS ATTENTION – Auction provide a catalyst to promote buyer interest
  10. EASY PROCESS – You do not manage the buyer – the process does
  11. COMMITTED BUYER – A 15% non-refundable down payment due the day of auction
  12. COMPLETE PROCESS – A 99% close ration for all property sold
  13. SELLER CONTROL – The seller sets the terms of sale, not the buyer

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