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  • You choose when property will sell and when you will be paid
  • Competition equals higher prices and no money left on the table
  • You set terms – Property sells “as, with all faults, without contingency”
  • 99%+ closing rate
  • Accelerated Marketing – Sell as quickly as 30 days
  • Increased profits
  • Offer clients new options
  • Increase market share and revenues
  • Enhance your professional image
  • Offer new products & services
  • Greater referral & return business
  • Force prospects to point of decision
  • Takes seller out of negotiation process
  • Your listing … Your auction
  • We’re on your team, not your payroll
  • Sets you apart from the competition

You may ask, “How do I choose an Auction Firm?”
At Robert L. Blackford Real Estate and Auction, you will partner with a REALTOR/AUCTIONEER firm with a proven, 33 year, track record in highly successful real estate auctions. Our professionals are dedicated to marketing and sales excellence.

  • Your auction properties will be showcased in marketing pieces on the internet, in local, regional and national publications, in eye catching color brochures and custom signage.
  • Our database supports an intense worldwide direct mail effort for all types of real estate.
  • ‘No-obligation’ written proposals educate and convince you and your Sellers that a Robert L. Blackford Real Estate and Auction will get the job done quickly and efficiently, leaving nothing to chance.

Auction marketing is for innovative brokers.
Robert L. Blackford Real Estate and Auction will provide specialized accelerated marketing skills and expertise, setting you apart from other brokers and giving you a powerful and profitable competitive edge. More than 200 billion dollars in real estate will be auctioned this year! Team with Robert L. Blackford Real Estate and Acution and get your share of the commissions!

We want you and your clients to continue to feel the comfort of working together. You will team with a Robert L. Blackford Real Estate and Auction professional who will handle all auction details. Just introduce your seller to your Blackford representative. We will not disappoint you!

You don’t have to be an auctioneer to earn commissions. Robert L. Blackford Real Estate and Auction will do the marketing and conduct the auction event. You earn commissions. Across America, Auctions enjoy a 95%+ closing rate.

Enhance your image as a full service brokerage, while providing an aggressive marketing alternative for your clients. The property will be listed for auction and marketed jointly under the Robert L. Blackford Real Estate and Auction name and your company name. By partnering with the Robert L. Blackford Real Estate and Auction professionals you will enhance your reputation as an innovative, full-service broker.

A bonus, more sales for you! Only one bidder can buy the auction property. Imagine having 75 qualified bidders at the event and after the auction you still have 74 motivated bidders with cash in their pockets that are anxious to purchase property!!  You as a real estate professional, can take full advantage of these valuable leads. They are yours.  We do not compete with you.

At the listing presentation, we will make you and your clients feel comfortable with the auction method. Don’t let unfamiliarity with the process stop you.

Robert L. Blackford Real Estate and Auction will make your auction simple and profitable, quickly. With your knowledge of the market and our auction marketing expertise, we can work together towards a year of record profits.

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